3 ways Google knows you’re clicking on your own adsense ads…

June 17, 2007

Have you ever wondered how Google knows you’re clicking on your own adsense ads? There are even people who email Google that they accidentically clicked on their own ads, afraid of being banned.

But Google says that it’s no problem, you don’t need to report it, they’ll find out themselves! So how do they do that? Here’s my guess:

  1. If you are still logged in to Adsense, they know who you are via the Asense cookies.
  2. They track the IP of the computer from which you are doing your Adsense administration. If any clicks come in via that IP, they’ll most likely mark it as suspicious. Even for dynamic IPs, it gives them at least a pretty good guestimate.
  3. They track your behaviour on your own site, and detect it matches “site owner” behaviour. Probably in  combination with Google Toolbar if you got it installed.

BTW, you can easily prevent accidental clicks during testing by adding this to your adsense-code:


Any clicks will be ignored, as long as it is set.