Twitter is limiting SMS for Europeans, nobody noticed??!

Since a couple of weeks, I was not getting any SMS tweets anymore from Twitter. I had not changed any settings, they just didn’t arrive anymore. I double checked my settings, but the phone SMS notifications were still on. And I also did not have any times specified that the notices should be switched off.

But then I saw one difference: there is now a new field at the bottom of my twitter home “Received SMS”:

 Twitter stats

So what is that? That wasn’t there before! After some searchin’ I found out here that when you’re using the UK number for tweets, there’s now a weekly limit of 250 SMS messages you are allowed to receive. The reason is that Twitter is trying to negotiate a better rate for sending SMSs. This because in most of Europe you don’t have to pay for receiving SMSs (and thus Twitter has to pay for it.

To get my tweets going again, I had to send an SMS with the text “ON” to the UK number, even though I had it switched on before. Which costed me an SMS while it shouldn’t have; I mean the cost for 1 SMS is neglectable, but it’s the way it’s done (no announcement whatsoever) that bothers me. 

So I finally figured it out. It would have been nice if they’d put it in their newsletter!

And now we know why they needed the funding: to be able to keep their sending of SMSs affordable! You can send quite a lot of SMSs for such a funding amount ;-).

 Anybody seen any limits on the SMS outside of Europe?


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