Dutch social bookmarking site trying to pull a Calacanis (sort-of)

March 16, 2007

In Holland there are a bunch of social bookmarking sites which are focused on the Dutch speaking market (Holland and Belgium).
Now this is one of them and it is based upon the open source project Scuttle. It has made quite some mods to the original Scuttle, like voting and tracking activity of users.
And now (in Dutch, check here for the auto-translate link) they are starting to pay users for submitting bookmarks. Or, to be more precise, each month, they reward the most active user with a gift certificate. It is their way of saying “thank you” for your User Generated Content I guess. The amount is not much (20euro, about 26usd), but it could be attractive enough for competitors’ users to move for that reason. (really?)
It is not so blatant and obvious as Netscape did with Netscape versus Digg/Reddit/Flickr/Newsvine submitters (see here), but I can see the resemblance.
Tagmos says they purposely keep the amount of the monthly prize low, such that the effort for trying to game the site would not be worth it.

Curious if they will pull it off…